Cast + Crew

Cast & Crew

Humans (non-ghost-hunting, mostly)

COURTNEY FLOYD • Eulalie Elizabeth Reed • Creator, Lead Writer, Showrunner

Courtney grew up in New Mexico, where she learned to write in between tarantula turf wars and apocalyptic dust storms. To escape the desert, Courtney fled to Oregon, where she earned a Ph.D. in English. In addition to writing urban fantasy and horror, Courtney is creator and co-host of Victorian Scribblers, a non-fiction podcast about the nineteenth-century writers time forgot. You can find her on Twitter @cannfloyd and keep up with her other writing endeavors at


“I’m Non-Binary and a voice actor. From podcasts to dubs, I want to do it all!” Find Jess on Soundcloud!


Marnie Warner is a Chicago based actor. She can be heard in such audio dramas as Me, My Demon and I, Starfall, Seen and Not Heard, Georgie Romero is Done For, and The Pilgrimage Saga, among many others. When not voice acting, she can be seen on local stages, mostly in musical theater. When not doing that, you can probably find her reading, visiting Disney parks, or searching for the perfect pancake. For more information, check out


KIRA APPLE • Narrator & Mary Bangs

Kira Apple is a part-time voice actor and full-time cat wrangler. Her voice work includes the role of Jack St. James in Superstition, Katya Harper in Electromancy, and Cybilene in Inn Between (Season 4, forthcoming). A bookseller at Charis Books & More, the oldest independent feminist bookstore in the US South, Kira also volunteers at the PAWS Atlanta Cat Cottage and enjoys video games, crocheting, TTRPGs, r

GEORGIA P. MCKENZIE • Josie • Co-writer (season two)

Georgia Mckenzie is a writer, director, voice actor in their spare time. Otherwise, they are a writer, director, voice actor, communications specialist.

BECCA MARCUS • Lota Wilson • Community manager and transcriber (season two)

Becca is a disabled voice actor & writer from the UK, where she lives with her dog. She grew up performing on stage, and has come to love voice acting just as much. As well as being thrilled to be back as Lota, you can hear her as Elio in Moonbase Theta, Out, as well as guest appearances in other podcasts such as A Ninth World Journal, Sidequesting, and The One Stars. You can find her at and on Twitter @beccamarcus_

ELEANOR GREY • Frances Matilda Summerson (aka Frankie)

Eleanor Grey is a multidisciplinary artist with a particular interest in queer speculative fiction. Eleanor can usually be found on a footpath somewhere in the British countryside, listening to audio dramas and dreaming of the stars. Twitter: @spinningdust Hear Eleanor as Styx in Whispering (by Fireside Folktales) and Kit in Seen and Not Heard !

Ghost Hunters

BRAD COLBROOCK • Cas Bromley • Sound Designer (season two)

Brad is a SoCal podcaster and sound designer. Their work can be found in Sector Ø, Crime Scene Arcanum, and Someone Dies In This Elevator among others. To see more of their work or get in touch with Brad, visit their website at When not podcasting, Brad can usually be found playing badminton or petting cats.

Brad can be found on Twitter as @holographicVA.

TAL MINEAR • Myrtle Grayson

Tal is a SoCal based voice actor with too many passions and too little time. A Mechanical Engineer by daytime, they can be found working on audio fiction by night. Tal is the writer and producer for Sidequesting as well as the co-creator of Light Hearts and Ungifts. Tal’s voice can be heard in their own shows and several other indie audio dramas, including  Novitero, Soulborn City, and Witches of the City. They’ve also guested in Zoo, Inn Between, Take the Mass Pike, and The Pilgrimage Saga. Find out more about Tal at

LINDSAY ZANA • Danny Gutierrez

Lindsay is an actor, singer and audio drama enthusiast based in LA. You can hear her in audio drama podcasts like Arden,  Primordial Deep, Vacant Arcadia and more! When she’s not emoting behind a microphone, Lindsay can be found singing with the acapella group Top Shelf Vocal, belting showtimes in her apartment or snuggling with her pup Winston.

PAUL H. ROLLINS • Nick Castlewaight

Paul is a cat lover, drummer, and craft beer brewer with a M.S. in Microbiology. It’s always Halloween in his heart. 

Ghost Detectives


I am from Northern Ireland and I am studying English, Journalism and Creative Writing in Scotland. I write Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives and have upcoming roles in a few other podcasts, both voice acting and writing.


Caroline Mincks is an audio drama creator and voice actor best known for their work on Seen and Not Heard, Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Light Hearts, Surreal Love, SHIFTS, and Hubris: A 24-Hour Podcast Project, as well as the upcoming {Queer} Pride & Prejudice and Crossing Stars. Find them online at and on Twitter @saucymincks.

The Apartment

KIRSTY WOOLVEN (season one and two)

Kirsty Woolven is a voice actor based in the West Midlands (UK), originally hailing from Dorset. Her recent voiceover work includes: Olivia in Y2K, Corry in The Kingery and Tania Martin-Edwards-Bainbridge in Mission:Rejected. Outside of voiceover, she is busy giving pets and treats to the neighbours’ cats and creating her own audio fiction. Website:

ALI HYLTON (season one and two)

Ali is a synesthesia artist with a love for storytelling and turning life experiences into art. She is the creator of the audio dramas Dining in the Void, Written in Stardust, Human Error, and many more to come. You can almost always find her painting music, writing poetry, or listening to a new and exciting podcast.  Website:

DAN GOLD (season one and two)

Dan has been lending his voice acting talents to various projects since 2013, with highlights including “The Haven Chronicles” as Jason Oatman, “Veiled Monarch” as Ronan, and “X WHY Podcast” as multiple characters. He is excited at the opportunity to once again join the wonderful cast of the “The Way We Haunt Now.” Find Dan online at

JEFF GOLDMAN (season one and two)

Jeff is a father of two beautiful girls and husband to a patient and understanding woman. He acts, sings and dances with Pied Piper Players of San Mateo, California, is a budding pizzaiolo and enjoys photography. In his spare time, he is an executive compensation attorney with a large law firm in Palo Alto, California. This is his first podcast.

NATALIE HUNTER (season one and two)

Natalie is a research administrator by day, and is passionate about acting, history, D&D, the ocean, and coffee.

MEGAN GWEN DAVIES (season one and two)

Meg is a voice actor who is obsessed with all things spooky and scary. She is so excited to be returning as a haunted apartment, as it is the most accurate role she has played during lockdown. Website:


Steph is a PhD Candidate with many talents and a very obliging friend. LinkedIn:

PAUL DeCURTIS (season one)

Stephanie M’s partner, who very generously allowed himself to be roped into this.

New Ghosts


David is a voice actor and writer (actually more of a storyteller) who produces and performs in numerous audiobooks and is the creator of the audio drama A Ninth World Journal, co-producer of the audio drama-comedy Deconstructive Criticism podcast regular cast member of the audio comedy OZ-9 and has made appearances in many other audio drama podcasts. Find David online at and on Twitter @DavidSDear


Maritza’s turned her bio into a mission statement: Bringing art and creativity into the world one step at a time! You can find Maritza on Twitter @maritza_vo and Instagram @xmartiiitzax

DANNY SPILLER • Aaron and the Closet Ghost

Danny Spiller (he/him) is a queer trans voice actor and overall chill guy. Having been voice acting since early 2020, he has gained an extreme passion for voicing characters in video games, animation, audio dramas, and more. He also enjoys anime/manga, exercising, and streaming on his Twitch, TheSpillian. Find Danny online at and on Twitter @TheSpillian

Haunted Media Personalities


Michelle is an actor whose experience primarily comes from the theater, and has only recently begun her voice acting journey. Outside of acting, she enjoys dancing, folding origami, and D&D. This is her first audio drama and she’s thrilled to share some ghostly tales with you all! Find Michelle on Twitter @MichelleHanVA


Lauren is an actor, podcaster, dialect coach, producer, and writer based in Chicago. You can also hear her voice on The Vanishing Act, which she produces, as well as The Pasithea Powder, Voiders, That Vampire Show, Khora, and Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason. Find her on Twitter @lauren_grace93


Jerron is a voice actor, video editor, and content creator based in California and is the voice of Chef Billy in The Way We Haunt Now. His interests in anime and video games is what led him into the voice acting industry as one of his goals is to get a chance to be a part of it. Jerron has been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of voice acting projects and is excited to bring his talents to the production. If you’d like to follow Jerron’s voice acting journey, you can find him primarily on Twitter @itsthepinoyboy. For more about Jerron check out

WILL STEPHENSON • Angry British Chef

Will is a freelance robotics engineer, part time voice actor, and full time LARPer, which is far more hassle than its worth most of the time. His creative work can be heard in the Dawn of War Soulstorm Unification Mod, Scroll and Dagger’s up and coming Quest of Ruin podcast, and seen on his YouTube channel LARP Analysis and identically named Instagram account @larpanalysis. His engineering work will be seen in approximately 20 years when the robot uprising takes over our society.

KASHYU • Wendy

Kashyu is a New York-based singer, voice actor, and actor for tv/film. She was a vocal major at LaGuardia Performing Arts, had graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York for musical theatre, then fell in love with the magic of voice acting. Since then, she’s been lending her fun, quirky, friendly voice for many projects! Her most notable roles include Cassandra Alshar in the audiobook ‘Voices’ by Paul Hikari, Nyx in the MLA Entertainment YT series ‘Project Infinity’, and Fuka Joshi in ‘Anime’s Got Talent’. In her free time, Kashyu runs around with her little pupper, works on her island on ACNH, and writes her derpy and deep thoughts on Twitter @KashyuVA.


Bryan Green is a 34 year old Voice Actor, Content Creator and Rapper who has adopted the “Jack of All Trades” approach throughout his 4 year voice acting career. Bryan hopes to blend his experiences as both a Black and Native American (Acjachemen) man with his desire to help aid in minority representation in the voice acting community. With audio recording experience ranging over a decade and a half, Bryan taps into all of the skills he’s learned as a podcaster, streamer, and broadcaster to deliver to his clients a sound of familiarity with a bit of uniqueness. Find Bryan online at and on Twitter @bgreaterthan.


Hi, I’m Austin. I’ve loved performing from a young age after being in various plays. I’ve been voice acting for about 3 years now and I’ve loved every moment. While voice acting, I’m also a high school soccer and wrestling coach. My loves in life will always be my girlfriend, DnD, and sports. Find Austin on Twitter @AJax_VA

PAIGE ALENA • Death’s Cookery Host

Paige Alena is an LA-based actor, writer, comedian, and singer. She’s originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but moved to New York in 2016 to earn her BFA in Acting. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in voice acting. Paige loves to create joy through her art and has a passion for making people laugh. She’s a Leo, her favorite Arizona iced tea flavor is lemon, and she owns at least one mug with her own Tweet on it, but please don’t hold that against her. Find Paige online at and on Twitter @itspaigealena and Insta @itspaigealena

ADAM LLOYD • Sheridan

By day I am a mild-mannered, budding voice actor who has appeared in a number of recent productions, but at night, I’m also a mild-mannered, budding voice actor, just in the dark. Find Adam on Twitter @horsemorsel!


Eleanor is an British-American voice actor and writer based in Finland. They have previously lent their love of voice over and story telling to a plethora of productions including audio dramas, animation and radio. Find Eleanor online at and on Twitter @EleanorAnwen.


Hailing from the Steel City of Sheffield, I’m a northern lass with a penchant for talking to herself in a padded room. Cat mum of three, I spend my time catering to their every whim. I do not like pineapple on pizza. Find Sarah online at and on Twitter @synaes.


Alexander Doddy is a Yorkshire based Actor with several years of experience in the voiceover industry. He voices characters in numerous audio-dramas and games including Redwall: The Scout, Eastshade and Darker Skies. Find him online at and on Twitter @Alex_Doddy.

TIM BRIGGS • Competitive Confectionary Host

Tim Briggs is an autistic trans/nonbinary voice actor, singer, and Shakespearean currently haunting the rural south. They love watching baking shows and they love horror so really, this is season is right up their alley! They’d love if you followed them on social media to see what other spooky nonsense they’re up to. Find them on Twitter @timbriggsvo, on Insta @bestdamnavocado and online at

Supporting Ghosts


A multi-nominated voice actor and actress, Margaret’s work across all genres includes Doctor Who Audio Drama, The Grey Rooms Podcast, Verity Weaver, Radio and TV Commercials, Video Games and Animations including Disco Elysium-The Final Cut, Dream Harvest, Ava’s Manor, Corporate and Explainer Videos, Audio Narration, Audio Guides, Documentaries and Audio Books. Plus various Television, Film and Theatre work in the UK. Find Margaret online at and on Twitter @1Margaretashley

DARRAGH Ó BROIN • Ghost Bartender

My name is Darragh, I am an Irish VA. I am highly flexible, work fast, and I love pushing my boundaries to improve/hone my skills. I work mostly in corporate/explainer videos, with most recently having worked with Renault and Sodexo. I am currently working on a Viking game (Under NDA) and The Godkiller Chapter 1. I speak fluent English and conversational Irish. I am noted for my deep, friendly & warm personas and offer consistent performances in a variety of styles. I have access to a full home recording studio. Find Darragh on Twitter @darraghobroin93.

L.W. SALINAS • Veil Librarian / Mysteriously Familiar Librarian

L.W. Salinas is a former research technician who traded her pipette for a microphone. She has narrated over 30 books and appeared in several audiodramas and podcasts. She currently lives in Austin, TX with her spouse, her dog, and her cat. Find L.W. online at and on Twitter @sithwitch

Assorted Ghosts

Ariane Marchese

Ariane is a Cuban Chinese voice actress and singer based in NYC. She enjoys doing character work in video games, animations, audio dramas, and children’s media. During her spare time, she enjoys working on art and streaming. In addition to her creative work, Ariane loves doing scientific research as a mechanical engineering PhD student. Find Ariane online at and on Twitter @starleeter and Insta @ztarleeter.

Shaun Grace

Shaun Grace is an east cost based voice actor, splitting his time between New York and Philadelphia. His voice has been heard in theme parks, animated shorts, and narrations. When not voice acting Shaun enjoys discussing horror movies, crocheting, and binge watching Degrassi. Find Shaun on Insta @Shaun_Grace.

Kiona “Bashful Echo”

Kiona “Bashful Echo” has been fascinated with character performance ever since she started playing Dungeons & Dragons as a child. As she grew up she started gaining experience with street performances, primarily through the medieval fair and her father’s annual Halloween Haunted Walkthrough. In 2019 she decided to finally focus on her dream of using her voice to bring a universe of characters to life. Now she has a wide profile range from different ages, alignments, and even species. Find them on Twitter @EchoBashful and on Insta @bashfulecho

Ivan Divino

Ivan Divino is a voice artist whose work has already been featured in various youtube channels, online commercials, and an upcoming game on Steam. His online handle is IDtalks. He is also blessed to work with the disabled community. During his freetime, his hobbies include writing, movies, video games, and spending time with family. For more info, check out Ivan’s quick fact sheet, here. And find Ivan on Twitter @IDTalks.


Tetisuka is a self-described bubbly new VA and illustrator, eager to learn and do her best. Find her on Twitter @tetisukava.

Supporting Cast

KYA DIRSCHL • Thrift Shop Customer

Kya is an avid cloud photographer with a dramatic flare. They are finding any way to express themself creatively, dipping their toes into voice acting. Find them on Twitter @spacekya and Instagram @k.a.tha

STEPHANIE M. FLINT • Thrift Shop Employee

Stephanie is a PhD candidate finishing her dissertation in Comparative Studies. When not writing or teaching, she enjoys spooky stories, running around outside, and singing to her cat. Find her on Twitter @flintysteph1.


Meg Griffin is a self-proclaimed amateur author from Atlanta, Georgia who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her freeloading Chihuahua roommate named Charlie. She hosts and produces several book-related podcasts: Judging Book Covers Podcast and Minds at Yeerk Podcast. Unfortunately she has not appeared on an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. You can find her waxing poetically about the current pop media she’s consuming on Twitter @MeggGriffin or Instagram at @MeggGriffin, or check out her other podcast appearances on


Cole Burkhardt currently resides in Washington D.C and has been voice acting and producing audio for over three years. They are the Creator and Co-Producer of the Piece of Cake Podcasting Network, a network devoted to helping people of color within the podcasting industry. He has been in a variety of podcasts including Godshead Incidental and Unplaced and is the writer and director of Null/Void. When they’re not voice acting or editing audio, they are going to conventions across the East Coast, discussing gender and sexuality in video games and anime. Twitter: @kingcoleminer


Liza is a Wales-based aspiring artist, with an interest in podcasting and sound engineering/design. When she’s not working on sound-projects or otherwise being a nerd, she can often be found sewing, curled up with a coffee, or both. Twitter: @lizasound Instagram: @lizasound

SOPHIA DERISE • Bus Passenger

Sophia DeRise (she/they) is a writer and producer who tells stories about queer kids and cryptids! You can find them on Instagram @sophiaderise or Twitter @sophiaderise

CARL FOLEY JR. • Ed the YouTube Repair Guy

Carl is Courtney’s (our writer & showrunner’s) dad. He was ambushed during vacation and kindly agreed to lend his voice to this part. When he’s not fixing machines (and inspiring his kid to write stories about people who fix things), he’s wrangling cows.

DALLAS MUGNO • Ghost of Thomas Edison

Dallas has been performing on stage in regional productions and independent films for nearly 30 years, and making funny voices for far longer than that. Recently he has appeared in Superstition (Podcast) as Duncan and has enjoyed being a part of the Audio Drama community. You can visit his (largely unused) Twitter account at @DallasDontCare

TIM LOWE • Jon Harker (Radio Host)

Tim is currently co-host of The Horse Girls podcast. He also has a recurring role on the audio drama Haunted Hell House of Horrors, and can be found appearing on other shows such as Judging Book Covers Podcast and Panelology Podcast.


Christopher Colon is a Orlando, Florida based voice actor pursuing his passion for over three years now. When he is not recording he is writing and weaving epic campaigns for his dungeon and dragons games or geeking out over the latest video games in the industry. You can follow him on Twitter @vo_colon

CHARLIE BUCKET • Spectral Labradoodle

Charlie is Courtney’s emotional support animal and BFF. When he’s not playing spectral labradoodles in lighthearted horror audio dramas, he spends his time swimming in the river, playing ball in the yard, and wrestling his little brother, Max. You can find him online on most of Courtney’s social media accounts. 


Cait grew up in the middle of rural England and moved to Wales to pursue her passion of being a creative. Between her various day jobs, writing projects and hobbies, she enjoys shouting into microphones. Twitter: @mecaitgallagher

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