Episode Six – The Rules

With a group of amateur ghost-hunters hot on her tracks, Frankie sets about learning how to exist – and haunt – in the twenty-first century (with a little help from her new friends). The transcript for this episode can be found here.

This episode of The Way We Haunt Now was written, directed, and produced by Courtney Floyd with Foley assistance from Jared Floyd and voice acting by:

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Resources: Oh, hey, remember that thing I said about sharing Death Positivity resources way back at the beginning of the season? I have a few of those to share!

First, since I’m posting this the day after Trans Day of Remembrance in 2020, let me share this article on Trans Death Rights. TL;DR – “A lot of people say “We’re all equal in death” but the fact is, the disparities we experience in life often follow us into death … Just as trans rights are human rights, so must our rights in death extend to us all.

And here’s a great article on diversity and ghosts titled “Why Are Ghosts So White?”

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