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Haunted Hall of Fame

Our most fervent ghostly thanks go out to the following supporters:

Christopher Magilton, Kira Apple, E. L. Thackwray, Anne Baird, Jennifer Sugden, Jeff Goldman, Natalie Hunter, Wendy Brown, Claudia Elvidge, Tim Lowe, Hannah Wright, Ian Warner, Good Pointe, Tal Minear, Anna Brecke, Katri Karvonen, Thierry Deuble, Jonathan Goldberg, Steven Goldman, timoune13, Antonio Dela Cruz, Kelly Brennan, Art Kilmer, Jordan Green, Adele Dazeem, Ella Watts, Thane and Sandy Floyd, A Martin, Vicky Hsu, Georgia P. Mckenzie, Michael Goudzwaard, Briana Cap, Tony Sindelar, Craig Church, Liv Tarcov, Tim Lowe, M W, and Alexandra Fox.

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