Transcript: Midseason Break Announcement

The Way We Haunt Now

Midseason Break Announcement

COURTNEY: Hi there listeners, it’s Courtney – your friendly writer, showrunner, and voice of Eulalie. I’m manifesting on the feed today to let you know that we’re taking a midseason break. Because I’m moving and starting a new job. In the middle of a global pandemic. And (laughs) as much as I wish otherwise, I’m not superhuman.

SFX: creepy crackling phonograph fades in…

COURTNEY: What? No. I’m definitely not fleeing a haunted apartment before Eulalie’s fate becomes my own! Why would you say that?!

SFX: creepy crackling phonograph fades out…

COURTNEY: Anyway, new episodes will return on November 28th, and in the meantime I have a list of spooky shows that I love that I’m going to recommend to you.

The first is Palimpsest, which, as far as I’m concerned, is a work of genius. It is an anthology podcast, so, em, every season is a different story. But there is a thrilling throughline which is a spooky Victorian house that appears in every season but in a different location. 

Next up is a classic: Mabel. Um, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a spooky show to marathon. Can highly recommend. (Whispers) Maybe don’t listen at night.

Speaking of things you should absolutely not listen to at night (but should absolutely listen to): Circles. It’s a brand new podcast. I was freaked out less than two minutes in. By the end, I wanted to throw my phone. Because I was terrified. So, if you want to be terrified, listen to Circles. 

Georgie Romero is Done For, I think, has a similar vibe to our podcast: kinda spooky, mostly spoopy, very lighthearted, all the Halloween vibes you could ever want.

And finally, Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives: it’s all in the name, kid.

SFX: The Way We Haunt Now’s theme music (simple guitar picking with occasional cymbal crashes and ghostly oohing) fades in…

COURTNEY: You’ll find links to all of these amazing podcasts in our transcripts. Thank you for your patience, thank you for listening to our show so far. It’s been thrilling sharing this with you. I can’t wait for you to hear the end.

SFX: Theme music ends.

COURTNEY: And remember to haunt responsibly in the meantime.

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