Transcript: Season One Teaser

The word transcript in blocky marker style script, over a background of greenish turquoise brick.

The Way We Haunt Now

Season One Teaser

SFX: A ghostly soundscape of crows cawing, cicadas and frogs singing fades in…

NARRATOR: Eulalie Elizabeth Reed was haunted by lots of things. Paths not taken. Failed relationships. Mistakes. Fears. Hopes. But she’d never been properly haunted before. That was about to change.

SFX: A thunder clap punctuates the Narrator’s sentence in the ghostly soundscape. Then, the soundscape fades out and the theme music (a simple guitar melody with spectral oohs and ohs) fades in.

COURTNEY: The Way We Haunt Now. Season One coming October 10th, 2020.

SFX: Theme music fades out.

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