Transcript: Season One Trailer

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The Way We Haunt Now

Season One Trailer

SFX: A ghostly soundscape of crows cawing, cicadas and frogs singing fades in…

NARRATOR: (weary) This is an old story. Girl meets ghost. 

SFX: Ghostly soundscape fades out and is replaced by thrift store sounds including rustling, footsteps, cash register pings, etc.

THRIFT SHOP CUSTOMER: It’s a beaut, isn’t it? They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

EULALIE: It’s gorgeous.

THRIFT SHOP CUSTOMER: Sort of calls to you, doesn’t it? 

EULALIE: (Fascinated and horrified) It does. (Talking to herself in a half-whisper) It’s almost like it’s singing, even though it isn’t making a sound.

SFX: Phonograph crackling fades in and is slowly replaced by the ghostly soundscape…

NARRATOR: (weary) Ghost haunts girl. 

SFX: Ghostly soundscape fades out and is replaced by the sounds of a pub, including music – “Regenerate My Dead Pet” by the Zombie Dandies.

ALICIA: Now, tell the good lady doctor what’s wrong. And don’t give me any of that virus crap. Nobody gets that pale because of a computer problem. Or, if they do, there’s usually more swearing. 

EULALIE: (sighs) It’s nothing, really, I’m just stressed.

ALICIA: Come on, you can lie to the doc but you can’t lie to the free bourbon lady.

EULALIE: (laughs anxiously) Okay, fine. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I’m being haunted. 

SFX: Music and pub ambience cuts out. It’s replaced by a ghostly moan in the background. Crackling phonograph fades in, and you can sort of here a voice coming from it…

EULALIE: Something’s happening to me. (Pause) It might all be in my head, it might not. But if… If for some reason we don’t get the chance to talk again, I need you to know that I fought it, okay? (sniffles) I am fighting it.

SFX: phone chime sounds as Eulalie ends her recording

EULALIE: (whispers) But I don’t think I’m going to win.

SFX: phonograph fades out and ghostly soundscape fades in.

NARRATOR: (weary) Like most old stories, it is bloodthirsty. 

SFX: Ghostly soundscape fades out as The Way We Haunt Now’s theme music (simple guitar picking with occasional cymbal crashes and ghostly oohing) fades in…

COURTNEY: The Way We Haunt Now, episode one coming October 10th, 2020. Find out more at or on Twitter @HauntNowPod

SFX: Theme music ends

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