Transcript: Season Two Trailer

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Season Two Trailer – What Tree?

SFX: Faint groaning, tapping, and scratching sounds in the background. Blankets rustle, footsteps across the room. Eulalie sighs, turning on the tap and filling a glass with water. The groaning and tapping sounds grow louder and more insistent.



What’s making that sound? Must be a tre–– (screams)

SFX: Eulalie drops her glass; it shatters and splashes across the floor. Blankets rustle as Alicia gets out of bed. Quick footsteps approach.


Eulalie? Eulalie, are you okay?!


(breathing hard) 

There. The window. Do you see?


The window… the… There’s nothing there, Eulalie. What did you see?


Uh, there was a ghost. It was… (makes small sound)… it… It was screaming and scratching against the glass like–– like it was trying to dig its way out of its own coffin or something. I don’t know, I…(sniffs) You’re sure you don’t see anything?





Maybe it was just the tree, after all…


What tree?


The tree outside the window?


Yeah, there’s not a tree outside this window. And if you say you saw a ghost, there was probably a ghost.

SFX: The Way We Haunt Now theme music (simple guitar with spectral oohs and ohs and occasional cymbal crashes) fades in…


The Way We Haunt Now season two, coming Saturday, December 4th 2021.

SFX: The Way We Haunt Now theme music fades out…Ghost hisses melodramatically.


(groans, getting angry) 

Isn’t there some sort of cosmic statute of limitations on hauntings? I was just properly haunted a few weeks ago. 

SFX: Ghost moans sarcastically.

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